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Alexander Coin and Pawn is always on the lookout for the coins of the world! We want everything from gold coins to currency in different countries, to antique coins.

Coin Collections Des Plaines

If you are a coin collector in Des Plaines and are looking for the number one place in the area to get that ONE item that would complete your collection than you have to get down to Alexander Coin and Pawn as soon as possible. We might have the item you are looking for and if not we might know where you can get it. We know how important coin collections are so we are willing to help out anyone trying to get that special coin they need!

Coin Sales Des Plaines

If you have a rare coin that you think could be worth money, then please come in today and show us what you have! We are always on the lookout for the next great coin that we can provide to others who are looking to complete a collection or trying to help someone else out. We are in the business of helping people and the more coins we have in the store the better chances are we can help someone out

So please come in today with your coin and let us take a look and tell you the value of the piece you have and maybe get you some cash money for your coin today!

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