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Alexander Coin and Pawn is one of the best places to find antiques in the Chicago-land Area! We carry everything that is perfect for your antique collection!

If you are in the market for antiques in the area and are curious as to what is available come in the store and find out. We have a great antique collection from clocks to display items that might be perfect for your home.

We are always interested in taking those antiques off your hands as well. If you have something that has been passed down from generation to generation and are looking to clean out your attic or add more space in your home, come in and show it to us. We will always buy antiques from you.Antique Clock

You never know how much something can be worth! We are in the business of helping people, helping people find that special piece they are looking for and you might have it. So come in and show us what you have today!

We are looking for anything from clocks, to watches, to hold furniture, old bikes, old musical instruments, old anything! Come to Alexander Coin and Pawn Today and see the real value of your antiques in the Chicago-land area!

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